This Page has pictures from the lunar eclipse of October 27, 2004.

All pictures were taken with a kodak dc215 zoom digital camera. The camera was, obviously, not mounted on a telescope. I normally use this camera for taking snap shots, and relatively close-up pictures.

The moon at 9:30.

This first picture was taken at 9:30, just as the eclipse had started.

The moon at 10:05.

This picture was taken at 10:05, well into the eclipse.

I tried taking a picture of totality, but there was too little light, and the images did not come out. What was amazing was the moon was so full and bright before the eclipse started. At 10:30, when I went out to take a picture, it looked like there was no moon at all. The moon was an orangy-red...not a dark red; but still no light.