Lynde Point (Inner Light)

Saybrook, CT

Lynde Point

The Lynde Point Lighthouse looks quite a bit like Sandy Hook lighthouse, in my eyes. Even down to the stain (although this has been removed from Sandy Hook.) The Lynde Point light sits at the mouth of the Connecticut River and is called the Inner Light because the Old Saybrook breakwater light sits at the end of a pier. The light was constructed because of a sandbar that prevents easy access to the river.

The light was first built in 1802 on land purchased from William Lynde. The original tower was made of wood and was only 35 feet high. It was often hidden by fog. The newer lighthouse was built in 1838, and is a 65 foot high ocatagonal stone tower. A fog bell was added to this tower in 1854. The tower was refurbished in 1868 when a wooden spiral staircase was added. The tower houses a fifth order lens that shines a fixed white light and was automated in 1978. Range on this light is about 14 miles.