Marcus Hook Rear Range Light

Belfonte, Deleware

The Marcus Hook rear range light stands right next to the original keepers house. Currently, the house is a private residence.

In 1910, the Marcus Hook channel was widened and deepend. From 1918 through 1919, the tower was built with the light facing north. In the picture at the right, the light would shine from the top of the tower towards the right. This tower sits at the southern end of the channel.

The lighthouse is composed of nine sections of reinforced concrete, and is the only concrete lighthouse. It is 100 feet up to the balcony, and 110 feet to the top of the lighthouse. The spiral stairs inside are composed of concrete and steel. The light that powers the beacon is a search light with a 1000 watt bulb. Sitting just below the lantern room is a chart room.

The front range light sits on a concrete pier in the middle of the Deleware River. It was built in 1925. Both lights shine red.

The Coast Guard still maintains the light, but the property is a private residence. In order to get the original property for the light and keepers house, the government had to condem the property and go through the courts.

Directions: I got lost going to this light, so look it up. I took route 13 to route three in Deleware. Follow 3, to Lighthouse road.