Reedy Island Rear Range Light

Taylor's Bridge, Deleware

I found this light while on my way to the NASCAR race in Dover, Deleware with my Dad. We were driving along Route 9 south, when my Dad pointed out the window and mentioned the lighthouse. Of course I pulled off the road into the driveway, and grabbed the camera. How lucky I was to have the camera with me. The Reedy Island Rear Range light was first lit in 1910. The light is automated and the tower is built from cast iron. The tower itself is 110 feet tall housing a fifth order range light inside, which is original to the tower. The light is a DCB224.

The keepers house stands next to the tower, though borded up. The building was built in 1906 and is two stories tall. The building is wooden, built in the colonial revival style. Also on the property is a barn, a brick oil shed, and a farmshed. The light is active (we saw it lit coming home from the race) and is owned/managed by the US Coast Guard.