Fort Pickering

Winter Island Park, Salem

This light is about 30 feet high sitting on an outcropping of rocks at the entrance to Salem's inner harbor. The tower was built in 1871 and the light was first lit in 1872. The tower is built of brick and covered by a cast-iron sheath that is painted white. With the decline of whaling in Salem, the light's usefullnes diminished and the light was discontinued in 1897.

Visiting the light, you will notice that it sits quite precariously on a large outcropping of rocks. The Fort Pickering Light Association rescued the light from certainly falling into the harbor. In 1994 the light was changed from a fixed flashing light to solar battery system. Wandering around, you will find redoubts, left over from the abandoned fort, but you will not find the old oil house or the keepers house.

To get to the light, go north on Derby Street, in Salem. When you get to a sign that says "Winter Island Marine Recreation Area", turn right. Follow this into the park.