Hospital Point - Front

Beverly, Massachusetts

Hospital Point - FrontThis light, and house, sit on a bluff overlooking Beverly Cove, on the main channel to Salem Harbor. The light gets its name from a smallpox hospital that originally sat at this location in 1801. During the war of 1812, the hospital was used as barracks, and in 1849 the hospital burned.

In 1871 the U.S. Government received land from the town to build the first tower at this location. This tower was wooden and was only temporary. The present brick tower, house and oil house all were built in 1872. Inside the lantern room is a 3 1/2-order Fresnel lens. This lens has a special vertical magnifying lens that diminishes the light when not viewed from the channel. The light sits about 180 feet above the water level, due to the bluff.

Good luck finding this light. My friend Jason and I made a bunch of wrong turns trying to find this one. My best directions would be to take MA 1A north out of Salem. In Beverly, go north on Cabot street. Go left at the intersection of 62, go right. (You will have passed the Hospital Point rear range light in the process.) Make a right from 62 onto East Corning. At the 4-way stop sign, stay straight - the road becomes Bayview. Follow Bayview to the end.