Hospital Point - Rear Range Light

Beverly, Massachusetts

This was not what I was expecting to find while driving around in the rain. I knew what I was looking for and I still couldn't find it. I told my friend Jason to be on the lookout for a steeple, and that we would find the light. I drove, he searched. Finally, peeking throught the trees, he spied the steeple.

Why a steeple? If you look carefully at the picture, you will see a small black square, cut out of the steeple, just above the trees. That's the light. This steeple, part of the First Baptist Church of Beverly is almost exactly a mile to the west of the Hospital Point Front Range light. Before the light was put in, the steeple was used in the day in conjunction with the the Hospital Point front light.

The church dates to 1801; but the light was added to the spire in 1927, and first lit on May 1. The light is comprised of a 94 watt headlight type light behind two 300 mm reflector lenses. The automated light is wound each day by a small electric motor.

The church sits at the interseciton at a 5-way intersection which contains Essex street, Cabot Street, and Dane. Continue north on MA 1A north out of Salem into Beverly. When you drive north in downtown Beverly, you will come to the 5-way intersection. The church will be on your right, the light is on the back of the steeple.