Turkey Point

Elk Neck State Park, Maryland

Coming home from a confrence in Virginia, decide to try and find some lights in Maryland. This one took me a while. The tower appears to be much like Concord Point light: 40-50 feet tall, but made of iron, I think. Atop the light is a light that appears both automated and solar powered. There is one building standing to the left of the light that could be an old oil building, and the remains of a building are to the right of the tower. Directly behind me are cliffs that drop strait down, about 70 feet.

Directions: take route 95 to route 272 south. Stay on 272 until you come to Elk Neck State Park. Drive all the way through the park, stay on the road until you can not drive any farther. The light house will be about a mile and a half down a hiking trail, that has gorgeous views of the bay. When you come to this sign:

take the trail to the left. If you take the trail to the right, you will walk a good two to three miles before realizing that you are headed in the wrong direction (as I did). Be careful of the cliffs while walking on all trails.