Conover Beacon

Leonardo, New Jersey

The Conover Beacon is a 40 foot tower that sits on the shoreline in Leonardo. The tower was built in 1856 and originally had a third order Fresnel lens. This beacon was used as "range light" with the Chapel Hill Light. A range light works when a mariner lines up the two lights, and when he sees one light on top of the other, he knows he is in the center of the channel. This range light system was used to help ships navigate the entrance to the Sandy Hook Bay. On a clear day you can see the Sandy Hook Lighthouse over the tops of the houses of Officer's Row on Sandy Hook. This beacon is inactive and unaccessable to the public. The Coast Guard has fenced off the bottom so no one can enter the tower. To get to the beacon, take Route 36 east from the Garden State Parkway. Turn onto N. Leonard Avenue and follow that to the water. The beacon will be on your right.