East Point Lighthouse

Heislerville, NJ

The East Point Lighthose is one of the oldest lighthouses in the state of New Jersey, second only to Sandy Hook. In 1999, the lighthouse will be celebrating its 150 year anniversary. The picture here shows the results of the lighthouse's first phase of restoration, which cost $440,000. Due to neglect, the entire inside is decrepit, and the entire tower and cupola has been replaced.

From 1849 to 1939 the entire lantern room was black. After 1939, the lantern room was painted different colors; but local river traffic requested that the light go back to its original paint scheme. The Coast Gaurd took over the light in 1939 and put in a new optic, which uses 6 bulbs. The light was turned off in 1941, for security reasons during WW II. In 1956, the government wanted to get rid of the property. At that time the State Fish and Game Commission wanted the property because of its water access. They bought the property from the the government and still own the land today. In July of 1971, the lighthouse burned; a fire caused by trespassers. At this same time the Maurice River Society formed (February) with the intent on saving and restoring the lighthouse. The Maurice River Society got help from the state to start work on restoring the lighthouse. During this time the light was out. But, in July of 1980, the Coast Gaurd reinstated the optic at the request of the river using public.

The property size that the lighthouse sits on is 3.5 acres. The tower is 44' high and the ventilator ball at the top is the only original piece to the cupola.

Directions: Follow Route 47 south until you see signs for Heislerville. Take Main Street until the T intersection. Make a right and follow until Lighthouse Road. Lighthouse Road is a dirt road less than a mile long. It will empty right outside the lighthouse.