Great Beds Lighthouse

Perth Amboy

The Great Beds Lighthouse, as seen in the distance of this photo is only 61 feet high. I t was built for $33,500 and held a Forth Order Fresnel Lens. The lighthouse sits in the Raritan Bay, 3/4 of a mile off Staten Island's Wards Point. It was ceded to New Jersey from New York on April 8, 1880. November 15, 1880 marked its first operation. The lighhouse is of boiler plate caison supporting a brick tower. It is a replica of the caison styled lighthouses of the 1871-1915 period.

Directions: This lighthose is best seen from the water, in a boat. I happen to see the lighthouse from the train every morning on my way to work. With a good lens, drive to Perth Amboy. Take Smith Street, in Perth Amboy, until Front Street. Follow Front Street to just past the Armory Restaraunt. From there you will have the best vantage point to see the light.