North Dumpling

Fishers Island Sound, NY

North Dumpling

This light sits on a private island, with rights to the Coast Guard to maintain the light. The light sits 31 feet up and is fixed white. In 1959, the light was moved to a steel tower, but was later moved back to the lantern room.

The original owners of the light were Indians, who sold the land in 1639. The Winthrop family, descendents of Governor John Winthrop of the Mass. Bay Colony, sold the light to the US. Government.

The lighthouse was built in 1849 and rebuilt in 1871. The light was automated in 1959 and sold to a New York financier for $18,000. Tthe structure was sold again in 1980 for $95,000 because the prior owner was constantly absent and vadalism had taken its toll.. The island was next sold for around $2 million. The lighthouse made the press as the owners wanted to make the island a soverign entitiy; North Dumpling Republic, after his title of "Lord Dumpling II". The new "nation" would have its own currency, national anthem, and reportedly a nonagression pact with Connecticut. The owners filed to build a windmill to power the generator, and that windmill still stands. The present optic is a 300mm light.

And yes, that appears to be a replica of Stone Hedge on the left.