The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse

South Street Seaport, NY City

From the plaque: The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse ..."is a memorial to passangers, officers, and crew who died as heros..."

This lighthouse was originally created by public subscriptions in 1913. The lighthouse originally stood over the East River on the roof of the Old Seamen's Church Institute at the corner of South Street and Coenties Slip. From 1913 to 1967 there was a ball on top of the pole that sits atop the lighthouse. At noon each day, the ball would drop the length of the pole signaling 12 noon to ships in the harbor. The ball was activated by a telegraph signal from the National Observatory in Washington D.C. In July of 1968, the church moved to its present location on State Street

In 1968, the lighthouse was donated by Kaiser-Nelson Steal and Storage Company to South Street Seaport Museum. It was erected on the current corner in May of 1976 with funds provided by Exxon.

Directions: Once in New York City, take a subway, bus, taxi, or walk to the South Street Seaport. On the corner of South Street and Fulton Street, across from the PSI building, you will see the lighthouse.