Seroe Colorado


The Seroe Colorado Lighthouse. Not exactly what we were expecting, but well worth the trip. The map said Seroe Colorado Lighthouse, so I expected a grand tower on the cliffs overlooking the crashing surf, much like the California Lighthouse. Upon closer inspection, we were on a cliff, overlooking rough surf; but my tower was missing.

The Seroe Colorado Lighthouse is probably named for the town of Seroe Colorado, just to the south of the beacon. We had rented a car for the day, the map said "lighthouse", so we drove around for a while looking for it. As we had no guide, and there was no one at the lighthouse when we arrived, I can't provide much technical or historical information. What is evident is that this beacon sits on the south east tip of Aruba. To the south is the massive Coastal Oil oil refinery, to the west, the outback of Aruba. Oil ships must use this beacon to guide themselves around the waters of the eastern side of the island.

Since we made the trip during the day time, I could not say what kind of light is in the cage, what the color the light is, or if there is any kind of fog horn. The place was deserted and there were no signs (other than the ones that warned of the dangerous surf below the cliffs.) The view though, was magnificant, offering a 270 degree view of the Caribbean Sea.

Directions: Ha! We looked at the map the rental car company gave us. It looked simple enough, take 1A through San Nicolas into Seroe Colorado. There, we figured we would head east until we met the water, shouldn't be hard to miss a lighthouse. Not knowing what we were actually looking for, we drove around the town of Seroe Colorado for a while until we decide to ask for "better" directions. When I asked two guys by the side of the road, they looked at each other, thought a minute, then realized what we were looking for. "Go back one road, make a right, a left, and drive straight out." Well, we did, and sure enough; after a couple of hair-pin turns on a single lane road - we found it. Be careful on that road, though, there are hills where you can't see what could be coming at you. My advice, when you get to the town of Seroe Colorado, ask someone. But isn't that part of the lure of lighthouses...finding them.