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Welcome to my page of lighthouses that we have visited. Inside, you will find history, information, directions, and pictures of the lighthouses I've had the chance to seek out. There's something about the lighthouse, be it the grand tower on a sandy beach, or a squat lantern room perched atop a small keepers house. Why am I fascinated by lighthouses? Maybe it's the fact that lighthouses are keepers of a harbor, or beacons during stormy nights, or even provide direction to those off course. It could be any of those reasons; but more likely I'm just fascinated by the simple chores the lighthouse performs. There is always the serenity that engulfs the lighthouse by the body of water it protects, or saftey in the beam of light that is recognized by a wayward captain. Whatever the answer, it may have something to do with why I proposed in the shadows of the Sandy Hook light or take the time to explore and search out new lights. Enjoy!





New Jersey:

New York


All photos were taken by us. All information has been gathered from the lighthouse site or Kenneth Kochel's book America's Atlantic Coast Lighthouses: A travelers Guide, except where noted. These pages copyright 1998-2000.

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